14th July 2020 | IGT Challenge Tour

Big Easy IGT re-start

Big Easy IGT restart Covid-19 pandemic

We are excited to announce that the Big Easy IGT Tour will restart 17 August 2020.

Please familiarise yourself with how we will manage and run events on the Big Easy IGT Tour and how you can protect yourself during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We stand for “SAFE PLAY”.

  • Major changes:
  • The Big Easy IGT Tour 2020/21 season will run from August 2020 to December 2021.
  • The Chase To events (IGT) starts 17 August 2020. 3 Sunshine Tour cards & 3 Sunshine Tour cards for transformation players. This will run to August 2021.
  • The Road To events (Big Easy) starts September 2020. 6 Sunshine Tour cards & 3 Sunshine Tour cards for transformation players. This will run to August 2021. Big Easy Tour Champs played end August 2021.
  • IGT Race to Q-School will start September 2021. Top 15 on Race to Q-School Order of Merit will qualify for Sunshine Tour Q-School final stage.
  • New Conditions:
  • HealthDocs: Players must use HealthDocs App. A Player must be 14 days Covid-19 clean prior to event start. Please refer to HealthDocs below for more info.
  • Zoono: The Big Easy IGT tour use Zoono as our preferred sanitiser. Zoono is water based, alcohol free, non-toxic and provides unique, proven long lasting protection. Please refer to Zoono below for more info.
  • Payments: NO payments will be accepted at an event. Please refer to Enter, Register & Payment below for more info.
  • The Big Easy IGT social distance guide must be followed at all times. Please refer to our Social distance guide below.
  • Enter, Register & Payments
  • Enter

Each Player wishing to enter a Big Easy IGT Co-Sanctioned 2020/2021 approved Tournament shall either:


  1. Enter online via the ‘Members’ at www.wp-igt.ocs-sport.com; or
  2. Telephone the Entries Department on 078 3300 440; or
  3. Email the Entries Department on [email protected]; or
  4. Reply to SMS/Email sent by IGT week prior to event; or
  5. Quick Entry at https://wp-igt.ocs-sport.com/schedule/ under Tournaments.


All events close at 5 PM on Wednesday prior to start of event.

  • Field Size

The tournament format and size of the field for each tournament will be decided by the Tournament Director. The first 2 months at least, will be a limited field with a one tee start. The field size will generally be limited to max 120 players.

Entries will be based on first come first serve, i.e entered and paid on the following conditions;

Entries will be ranked on the following basis for IGT Chase To events:

  1. IGT members. (IGT full membership)
  2. Big Easy members. (Big Easy full membership)
  3. Sunshine Tour Players. (Not Big Easy members)
  4. Non-members. (Pro’s and amateurs who have not taken up IGT membership)

Entries will be ranked on the following basis for Big Easy Road To events:

  1. Exemption Categories ONLY!
  • Payment

NO payments will be accepted at events.

Payments to be made within 48 hours after booking confirmation. Player will receive ENTRY confirmation and then payment can be made.

  • Register
  1. A player having entered a tournament is obliged to register by no later than 9 AM on the day preceding the first round of the tournament.
  2. Registration can be done in person, or by a person designated by the player to act on his behalf,
  3. by telephone to 0783300440 or WhatsApp or SMS; or
  4. Reply to registration email send on Saturday prior to event start; or
  5. Reply to registration SMS send on Saturday prior to event start
  6. A player who fails to meet the 9 AM deadline shall be removed from the draw and forfeit his entry fee. In addition, should the player also be in breach of the Withdrawal Procedure, he will be subjected to the same penalties as outlined in Player Regulation.
  • Entry Fee

Member: R1850

Non-member: R2100

Big Easy Member: R1100

IGT & Affiliated Members: R1600

Note 1: IGT & Affiliated Members to have their points count towards the Big Easy Road To Order of Merit must take up affiliated membership at R2000 for the 2020/2021 season paid to IGT.

  • Race to Q-School events

Member: R1850

Non-member: R2100

Note: Entry increase of R100 is for Covid-19 expenses.


To download and install the HealthDocs App please contact IGT at [email protected] and request IGT HealthDocs info.

Players who already using HealthDocs App must do the following on the App to be used for Big Easy IGT events:

Travel permit

Players who are travelling from provinces outside Gauteng and need a travel permit must do the following:

Request a travel permit from IGT to email; [email protected] with the following information:

  • Surname
  • Full names
  • Identity number
  • Address
  • Zoono

Big Easy IGT has adopted Zoono as our official sanitiser. Zoono is water based, alcohol free, non-toxic and provides unique, proven long lasting protection.

Zoono protect 24 hours on skin and 20 days on any surface. Zoono kills the Corona virus and is guaranteed.

Players are urge to use this Zoono for themselves on a daily basis. Only spray once and you protected for 24 hours. You can also spray your equipment and be protected for 28 days.

Zoono usage:

A player will use 2ml per day of Germ Free 24.

On equipment player may use Zoono 500ml Spray to last 28 days and the bottle should last a year.

Players can order the product through IGT from the following link: https://www.cognitoforms.com/IGTGolf1/MyGolfGermFreeOrderForm

For more info visit:



“We are proud to say that Zoono is a BIG Easy IGT initiative” by our Tour Commissioner Cois du Plooy.

  • Playing conditions

The rules governing play shall be:

  1. the Rules of Golf as approved by the R & A Rules Ltd;
    1. the current Big Easy IGT Tour Conditions of Competition and Local Rules;
    1. the Additional Local Rules of the host club as approved by the Tournament Director.

This means the following;

  • Rakes will be used on all bunkers and must be raked. (Rakes are sprayed with Zoono)
  • Flag stick can be removed when putting. (Flag stick sprayed with Zoono)
  • Hole is normal and no extractor in hole. (Hole sprayed with Zoono)

Please note that NO spectators, friends or family is allowed at any Big Easy IGT events until further notice.

A friend or family member who caddies for you are allowed.

Caddies are allowed on the Big Easy IGT Tour.

The following conditions apply:

  • Caddy who is tested positive for Covid-19 will not be allowed to caddy and can only return after 14 days of quarantine.
  • Caddy must do a screening test questionnaire and temperature test on arrival.
  • Caddy will be sprayed on hands with Zoono sanitiser.
  • Please note player is responsible for Caddy
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