Who is eligible to play?

  • The IGT Challenge Tour events are open to all professional or amateur golfer (male/female) from South Africa and International.
  • Amateurs must have an official handicap of 4 or less.
  • There are no restrictions on nationality, age or gender.
  • Please note players under 18 years must play as amateur. (No Exceptions)
  • The IGT Challenge Tour reserves the right to refuse participation to anyone. Evidence of playing ability may be required.

New Member

  • Use quick entry on home page. IGT will contact you.
  • Contact 078 3300 440

How do I enter the tour?

  • You can register as a member and pay a reduce rate for events
  • You can play as a non member on invite
  • The IGT Challenge Tour currently do not have a Qualifying School.

How do I enter each event?

I am an amateur, can I win money?

  • Amateur can win up to a maximum of R6,000 in the form of a IGT electronic voucher.
  • All amateurs sign a waiver before each event.
  • Click here for more info

What is the IGT Pro Tour’s purpose?

  • IGT Mission statement: Stroke Average is is the Big Deal
  • One of the primary goals of the IGT Challenge Tour is to enable players to perform at a high level and prepare them for life as a Tour professional.
  • The Tour also gives players experience of life on the road, playing for big money under tournament conditions and playing on some of the best quality courses in the country, each of which provides its own tests of a golfers ability.
  • The IGT Challenge Tour is the Premier Professional Developmental Tour in South Africa.

How many events must I play?

  • You can play as many events as you like.
  • The goal is to play 96 rounds a year minimum.

How do I withdraw?

  • If a player withdraws within 48 hours the full entry fee will be charged, unless mitigating circumstances apply, for medical evidence of an injury or illness provided by a Doctor. If a player no-shows for an event without notice, a fine of R500 will be charged in addition to the full entry fee.
  • Failure to give notice of withdrawal before tournament closure, 48 hours before the first tee time on Day 1, will incur a fine of R500.
  • Players withdrawing giving the minimum correct notice will receive a full refund of entry fees.
  • A player opting not to play on Day 2, after the draw has been made, will be fined R500
  • A player opting to “walk-in” during tournament play will be fined R500.
  • All fines must be paid before any future entry will be accepted.
  • Fines are at the discretion of The IGT Challenge Tour.
  • Two no-shows against a player can result in possible suspension of playing privileges.

How do I see my Stats?

How does IGT do Pairings & Tee Times

  • Pairings for first and second rounds of all tournaments will be done based on the IGT Order of Merit.
  • It is the player’s responsibility to have a Cell Phone Number on file with the tour office. Players can have up to 3 Cell & Emails on the database.
  • Pairings will be posted on the IGT Challenge Tour website www.wp-igt.ocs-sport.com and SMS & Email to player the day before event starts.
  • Tee Time preference for the first & second round, for those travelling together will be given whenever possible, also an early/late start time may be requested. All requests cease at 6:00pm on the Friday preceding each event.
  • No friend request to play together will be allowed.
  • Tee times for the final day will be based on the leader board with the leading players going out last with a U-Draw.

What is the Tournament Format?

  • 54 holes & 72 holes Stroke play over 3 & 4 days (unless otherwise stated) played in 3 balls and will be played in accordance with The Rules of Golf as prescribed by The Royal and Ancient Golf Club.
  • The cut for 54 hole events, the field will be cut after 2 rounds to the number of players (and ties) to 66% percent of the field to a maximum of 60 players and ties who will proceed to the final round.
  • In the event of a tie for first place, a hole by hole sudden death playoff will be used to determine the winner. In case a playoff is not possible the event will have joint winners.
  • Local rules will apply at the discretion of the Tournament Director.
  • Your personal “IGT Hard Copy” (Green-Card) of the local rules, should be carried at all times.

How is the Prize Fund calculated?

  • Players are competing for Prize Money on the IGT Challenge Tour. Tournament prize funds are based on field size and on additional sponsorship.
  • A minimum 1st prize may be guaranteed regardless of field size and will be announced if so.
  • Prize money for Professional golfers will be paid by bank transfer within 5 working days of each event.
  • Amateur winnings will be loaded within 5 working days of each event into IGT amateur card.
  • The Prize Fund for the event will be available to all competitors on the first day of the tournament.
  • Please note players are responsible for their own taxation.
  • Click here for Prize Pool break down.

What is the Player’s Responsibilities?

  • To abide by the Rules and etiquette of Golf.
  • To ensure speed of play.
  • To report to the Starter and be ready to play at least 10 minutes before his allotted tee time.
  • If the player is late and not ready to play when called he may be disqualified.
  • A player late due to traffic conditions is at fault and will forfeit his entry fee.
  • Note: The official, on-course clocks, are deemed to be the official time.
  • Treat the golf course and its members with respect at all times, repair pitch marks and repair bunkers on leaving, failure to repair a bunker during Tournament play, will incur a R500 fine.
  • Abuse of golf course property or IGT equipment will incur a R500 fine.

How do I book Practice Rounds?

  • IGT events do not have an official practice round.
  • Players must plan their own practice rounds. Days to consider are Thursday/Friday mornings or Sunday.
  • Preferred rates are negotiated with clubs and players must show their IGT membership cards.
  • Practice rounds for all events must be paid for by the player. Any exception to these policies will be posted three weeks in advance on the tournament information page.
  • Carts are permitted during practice rounds for players own account.

Must I use a Caddie?

  • Caddies are not compulsory.
  • Players can carry their own bags.
  • Players can use pull trolleys.

Are Distance Measuring Devices allowed?

  • A player may obtain distance information by using a laser device that measures distance only
  • However, if, during a stipulated round, a player uses a distance-measuring device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (e.g., gradient, wind-speed, temperature, etc.), the player is in breach of Rule 14-3, for which the penalty is disqualification.

Television & Photos?

  • Some IGT events final day will be televised.
  • Visit our website for TV schedule.
  • All photos will be published on IGT Challenge Tour FaceBook and Website.

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