IGT Advertising is the promotion of a product, brand or service to a viewership in order to attract interest, engagement and sales. IGT Advertising come in many forms, as you will see below.

You need to announce it to the world that they need your product or services. … IGT Advertising is an investment

  1. Reach more relevant audiences
  2. Attract engaged traffic to your blogs, articles, videos, apps and more
  3. Increase brand awareness leads and sales
  4. Introduce a New Product in the Market
  5. Expansion of the Market
  6. Increased Sales

IGT Website

Your Company add on IGT website home page.

Visit IGT home page to see example


Monthly: R1,500

IGT TV Productions

Click here to visit IGT Tour Productions

30 second add included in our 4 (four) highlights package per event.

Cost: R2,500 per event

IGT live scoring

Your banner with link on our live leader board.

Cost: R2,000

IGT Social Media Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

Your company banner on our social pages.


R1,500 per month (Banner posted daily)

IGT Direct Marketing

IGT will sent a direct mail with your product/services to all our registered members and others on our database.


R1500 per send.

Size: 2000 +

IGT Bragging Rights



For the season 2021/22

Big Easy IGT events naming rights

MyCompany IGT Chase To


R5,000 per event

IGT Pro AM’s

Please contact IGT to host your company Pro AM.

IGT Trophies

Your company logo on the plaque.


R700 per trophy