IGT Zwartkop Match Play

Match Play Competition Rules

Open to all Pro’s

Venue: Zwartkop Country Club

Date: 2-4 October 2017





Entry: R1,550 per player

Entries close 29 September 17h00

All Players will be seeded. Seed 1 will play seed 64 etc.

The onus is on all players to acquaint themselves with the Draw sheet. Please note that winning players will play 2 matches a day.

Match Play:  Match Play is a format of play that is scored in a hole-by-hole competition.  The player that holes its ball in less strokes than its opponent wins that particular hole.

Winning:  The player who has won the most holes wins the match.  When a player is winning by more holes than there are holes remaining, the match is won.  A match can be won before all 18 holes are played.

A match which ends “All Square” should be played-off hole by hole until one player wins a hole.  The play-off should start at the hole where the match began.  Players should proceed directly from the last hole to the play-off.

Play off for 3rd & 4th place Thursday afternoon.

All matches will be played over 18 holes.

Prize Pool *R100,000

*Please note the Prize Pool is based on 128 Players. Prize pool will be adjusted for lesser entries.
















T’s & C’s Apply