27th July 2013 | IGT Challenge Tour

Membership Changes

New IGT Pro Tour Membership Eligibilityigttour-logo-small1.png

IGT Challenge Pro Tour is a developmental tour and was created to help aspiring PGA TOUR professionals fine-tune their skills in competitive golf tournaments. IGT Challenge Pro Tour is providing the ideal competitive environment as well as significant financial opportunities for aspiring golfers to become pro golfers.

The Tour is an exceptional gateway to the Sunshine and PGA Tours. Each and every year, we will say goodbye to those who graduate to greener pastures, while we welcome a new crop of future players endeavouring to follow in the footsteps of IGT Challenge Pro Tour Alum – Exactly our number ONE Goal.


The IGT Challenge Pro Tour is open to any professional or amateur golfer with an official handicap of 4 or less. The IGT Challenge Pro Tour reserves the right to refuse participation to anyone.

Non Eligible

All Sunshine Tour players inside the current top 70 OOM and under exemption categories 1, 2, 3a, 3b, and 6, are not eligible to play on the IGT Pro Tour.

This new rules comes in effect 1 August 2013.

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