Major player regulation changes

  • The IGT Challenge Tour has adopted the Sunshine Big Easy Tour player regulation and will be in effect from January 2017


  1. The IGT Challenge Pro Tour events are open to all professional or amateur golfer (male/female) from South Africa and International.
  2. Amateurs must have an official handicap of 4 or less.
  3. There are no restrictions on nationality, age or gender.
  4. Please note players under 18 years must play as amateur. (No Exceptions)
  5. The IGT Challenge Pro Tour reserves the right to refuse participation to anyone. Evidence of playing ability may be required.

Full Membership

  1.  An eligible member of the IGT Challenge Tour as defined  will be regarded as a Full Member for the current official season upon receipt of the completed Membership application form AND the payment of the Membership fee. Until both the form and payment have been received by the IGT Challenge Tour, a Player has no Membership and he will not be permitted to enter any tournaments.
  2. For 2017 Membership – players can contact the tour office by email [email protected] or 0783300440 to apply for or renew their membership.
  3. Click here for Membership info
  4. No refunds will be given if a Member resigns or is banned.
  5. Membership can be taken up any time of the year.

Temporary Membership

  • Persons other than those eligible for full membership to the IGT Challenge Tour who wish to participate in a tournament sanctioned by the IGT Challenge Tour shall for the duration of that tournament be eligible for temporary membership.
    In general, temporary membership shall be granted to:
    a) an applicant who receives an invitation to participate in a IGT Challenge Tour sanctioned tournament
    b) No one person may be granted temporary membership for more than three IGT Challenge Tour Order of Merit tournaments in any one season


  • The IGT Challenge Tour currently do not have a Qualifying School.

Player Stats

  • The Complete player stats are available to all players on our website under Tour Info Centre.
  • Stats available; Stroke Average, Average v Par, Driving Accuracy, Greens in regulation (GIR), Putting Ave by Round, Putting ave per Hole, Putting ave per GIR, Total above/under Par, Total # of Birdies, Ave Birdies per Round, Total Eagles, Eagles per Round, Total Pars Ave Pars per Round, Sand Save %, Bounce Back % & Scrambling %

Tournament Administration

  1. The Tour Commissioners shall delegate their power to the Tournament Director who shall administer the tournament in accordance with these Regulations or as supplemented or amended by any subsequent regulation. The Tournament Director, in consultation, if possible, with the Tour Commissioner, may in the interests of the IGT Challenge Tour sanctioned tournament and/or a tournament sponsor waive compliance with any of these Regulations or impose new regulations.
  2. The Tournament Director may refer any matter to the Players Committee.
    NOTE: Unless stated to the contrary under conditions of entry for a tournament, these Regulations shall apply.

Tournament Rules of Golf

  1. All competitors should secure a copy of the IGT Challenge Tour Conditions of Competition and Local Rules card (which is referred to as the “Hard Card”). This explains any rule that affects or modifies a rule of golf. They are not reprinted herein as they are subject to change and alteration. The rules governing play shall be:
    a) the Rules of Golf as approved by the R & A Rules Ltd;
    b) the current IGT Challenge Tour Conditions of Competition and Local Rules;
    c) the Additional Local Rules of the host club as approved by the Tournament Director.

Conditions of Entry

  1. Entry Procedures
    A member wishing to enter a tournament shall either:
    a) enter online through the IGT Challenge Tour Members Area on our website; or
    b) telephone entries to the Entries Secretary on the Tel No. 078 3300 440 during office hours; or
    c) enter on Quick entry on our website; or
    d) reply om SMS sent to players; or
    e) e-mail entries to [email protected] ; or
    f) enter in person at a IGT Challenge Tour event.
  2. Confirmation of Entry
    Confirmation of entry will be:
    a) an auto generated e-mail containing an entry number sent to a player entering telephonically, by e-mail or in person. The onus is on the member to ensure that he receives this e-mail; or
    b) a copy of the correspondence (fax, mail or e-mail) along with reasonable evidence of it having been forwarded in sufficient time to meet the closing date for entries criteria. Reasonable evidence in the case of:
    (i) a fax or e-mail will be a document confirming transmission on which is the time, date and destination fax number or e-mail address;
  3. Closing Date for Entries
    a) Unless stated to the contrary under conditions of entry for a tournament, entries must be received by the IGT Challenge Tour 2 (two) days prior to the advertised commencement date of the main tournament in question.
    b) The Tournament Director shall be entitled to accept or reject a late entry on merit.
    9.4 Entry Fee
    a) Is published on our web per event on all IGT Challenge Tour sanctioned tournaments.
    b) Payable in full prior to the member’s commencement of the tournament he has entered
    c) If a member commencing his participation in a tournament fails to pay his entry fee on time, he shall be liable for the entry fee and will be served with a fine of R200. The total amount is payable prior to him teeing up in a subsequent round. If there is no ‘subsequent round’ in the tournament for such a member then he is required to pay the total amount prior to commencing participation in the next IGT Challenge Tour sanctioned tournament he enters, or within 14 days of committing the offence, whichever is the earlier. A member will be precluded from participating in all subsequent tournaments sanctioned by the IGT Challenge Tour until such a time as the total amount is settled in full;
    d) A member who pays his entry fee by credit card will be deemed to be in breached if the transmission statement printout, received within a reasonable time prior to or after the advertised commencement date of the tournament in question, states that the member’s credit card has ‘card declined’. If a member breaches this regulation he will be subject to a penalty as outlined in these Regulations and in addition the Tournament Director may, in his sole discretion, prohibit that member from making future payments by credit card.
    e) Payments can be made by EFT (Please contact IGT for Bank details), Cash or Credit/Debit cards at event registration.
    f) Once you tee off, or are absent on the tee, you are no longer eligible for any type of refund. The the IGT Challenge Tour has a NO REFUND Policy. Players who do not show up for an event forfeit their entry fee and no credit will be received.
  4. Player and Member responsibilities
    a) The onus is on every member to provide the IGT Challenge Tour Membership Department with a valid e-mail address. The IGT Challenge Tour will take no responsibility for a member not receiving communication if that member does not comply with this regulation
    d) The IGT Challenge Tour provides a service to members where once the draw has been concluded, each player participating in the IGT Challenge Tour sanctioned tournament, who has a mobile phone number recorded on the IGT Challenge Tour’s database, will be sent an SMS message giving the player his starting time. This is a service for the players’ convenience. PLAYERS RECEIVING A SMS ARE ADVISED TO RECONFIRM THEIR STARTING TIME on the IGT web site as the IGT Challenge Tour will not take responsibility under any circumstances whatsoever for a SMS that contains incorrect information or has been incorrectly read or delivered and as such will not absolve the player who arrives late for his time of starting, for example, from having contravened the applicable condition of competition.

Best Effort

  • In entering a tournament, a member shall for its duration, attempt to exercise his maximum golf skill and to play in a professional manner.

Tournament Format and Field Size

  • a) The Field size is limited.
    b) Based on first come, first served basis.
    c) Fields restricted to either 60. 80, 120, 144 or 156 entries.
    d) Field size of 80 players and less will be played in the morning or afternoon only.
    e) Field size of 84 players and more will be played in the morning and afternoon.
    f) 54 holes Stroke play over 3 days (unless otherwise stated) played in 3 balls and will be played in accordance with The Rules of Golf as prescribed by The Royal and Ancient Golf Club.
    g) The cut for 54 hole events, the field will be cut after 2 rounds to the number of players (and ties) to 66% percent of the field to a maximum of 60 players and ties who will proceed to the final round.
    h) In the event of a tie for first place, a hole by hole sudden death playoff will be used to determine the winner. In case a playoff is not possible the event will have joint winners.
    i) Local rules will apply at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

Pairing Procedures

  • a) Pairings for first and second rounds of the first two (2) tournaments will be done based on the previous year final Money List. All remaining tournament’s first and second round pairings are grouped based on the OFFICIAL MONEY LIST. The actual groupings are established by computer.
    b) These will be available after 2:00 pm on Sunday. All third round pairings are by score. These will be available approximately one hour after completion of round 2.
    c) No requests will be taken for tee times. Players are asked to please respect this procedure.

Late To The Tee

  • a) Rule 6-3 Provides: “The player shall start at the time laid down by the Committee.” The IGT Challenge Tour incorporates the Note under 6-3 that allows the player to be up to 5 minutes late with a 2 stroke penalty.
    b) After 5 minutes, he shall be disqualified.
    c) A player must be present on the teeing ground with a club and ball and ready to play when the 1st player of the group is instructed to play.
    d) The order of play is not relevant.

Withdrawal Procedure

  • A member may only withdraw from a tournament as follows:-
    (i) In writing; or
    (ii) Telephonically by calling the IGT Challenge Tour headquarters during office hours; or
    (iii) Reply on IGT SMs entry confirmation; or
    (iii) In person, by the member himself or a person appointed by him to act on his behalf;
    The IGT Challenge Tour must be advised of the member’s intention to withdraw no later than 12h00 on the day preceding the first round.
    NOTE 2: Any notification of withdrawal received after the required deadline, and prior to the commencement of the tournament’s first round will result in the member being fined R500, doubling up for subsequent offences. Should he also fail to notify the IGT Challenge Tour of his intention to withdraw before the commencement of the first round of the tournament, it shall be considered a breach of the Code of Behaviour. Penalty for such a breach is R1000.
    Should a player withdraw late from a tournament due to a medical reason, he is required to provide a medical certificate within 7 days of his withdrawal. Failure to do so will result in him being fined R500
    NOTE 3: In the event of a player withdrawing after the required deadline due to him gaining an exemption into a Sunshine Tour tournament he will not be fined. However, if he fails to withdraw under these circumstances, he will be liable for the relevant fine.
    a) The regulations as outlined shall apply in cases where there is a dispute as to the time written notification was dispatched to the IGT Challenge Tour or as to the time the written notification was received by the IGT Challenge Tour or both.
    b) When giving the IGT Challenge Tour notice of withdrawal, a member is to obtain an official withdrawal number as proof. No consideration will be given by the Tournament Director to any dispute arising from such a withdrawal unless the withdrawal number is provided by the member as proof of withdrawal.
    c) A player is not entitled to withdraw during a round or after the conclusion of the first round of a tournament except in the case of a medical or personal emergency. Consent to withdraw after a round or terminate a round prior to its conclusion must first be obtained from the Tournament Director. In the case of a medical emergency the member is obliged to submit to the IGT Challenge Tour a medical certificate within 7 working days of the incident having taken place. Failure to do so will be considered a breach of the Code of Behaviour. Penalty for such breach is R500

Tournament Registration

  • a) Players must register at the IGT Tournament Office (Located in Club House) at least 45 minutes before their Tee-Time on Day 1.
    b) Day 2 & 3 players must report to tee 10 minutes before players official tee time.
    c) Players must be on tee box 10 minutes before official tee time. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
    d) Players failing to register may be withdrawn from the tournament.

Play Foreshortened or Cancelled – Guidelines

  • If, in the judgement of the Tournament Director, adverse weather conditions or any other occurrence beyond the control of the IGT Challenge Tour render the commencement or continuation of the tournament impracticable, play shall be postponed until such time as the Tournament Director, after consultation with the sponsor of the tournament, considers that play can be continued. The Tournament Director has absolute discretion to implement whatever procedures necessary in order to ensure the continuation and completion of the tournament.
    Where possible the following guidelines will be considered:
    a) Round 1
    As a general principle, once a stroke has been played it shall count;
    b) Final Round
    (i) If the round cannot be finished then a result will be declared over that number of rounds completed by all players;
    (ii) Play may be continued on a third day at the discretion of the Tournament Director
    c) Suspension of Play
    (i) If during a tournament it becomes necessary to suspend play, three consecutive notes of a siren and/or air horns will be sounded and repeated or notification will otherwise be communicated to the players. On being advised of suspension, competitors may either cease play immediately OR complete the hole they are playing. Competitors must not play any shot from the teeing ground unless a player in his group has commenced play on the hole.
    (ii) If during play it becomes necessary to suspend for a dangerous situation (e.g. lightning), players must discontinue play immediately. Suspension for a dangerous situation will be signaled by a prolonged sounding of a siren and/or air horns.
    d) Resumption of Play
    As soon as conditions allow for play to be resumed, two short notes, repeated, will be sounded by a siren and/or air horns, or notification will otherwise be communicated to players. On being advised of resumption, play will be resumed immediately by all competitors on the course.
    (e) Prize money
    In the event of the curtailment or cancellation of a tournament, prize money distribution shall be at the sole discretion of the IGT Challenge Tour.


  • A caddie is the responsibility of the member by whom he or she is employed.
    b) A person who acts as a caddie for a member will be subject to the regulations applicable to caddies for the duration of that tournament.
    c) All payments due to a member’s caddie are the sole responsibility of the member. Such payments are to be made in an agreed manner between the member and the caddie. All disputes arising out of such agreements are to be resolved by the member prior to the conclusion of the tournament. It is recommended that members enter into a written contract with the caddie he employs.
    d) Caddies are:
    (i) Obliged to behave in what is considered acceptable and normal social behaviour;
    (ii) Obliged to wear bibs or similar promotional clothing provided by the tournament sponsor for the duration of the round should this be required;
    (iii) Not permitted to wear any advertising on his person or golf bag or related equipment which may embarrass the tournament or tournament sponsor. If in any doubt, the Tournament Director should be consulted prior to either the commencement of the round or the tournament;
    (iv) To produce their caddie accreditation when requested by a tournament official to do so;
    (v) Not permitted to wear (metal or soft) spiked shoes on the golf course;
    (vi) Not allowed to attend a pro-am prize giving function or sponsor hospitality area unless invited by the primary sponsor;
    (vii) Not permitted to test the surface of the putting greens on the golf course other than in practice rounds;
    (viii) Not permitted to play golf at a tournament venue during a tournament or any of its official practice rounds or during the week in which the tournament in question is to take place.
    e) A member of the IGT Challenge Tour may:
    (i) Carry his golf bag or pull a golf bag trolley while playing in an official practice round and in any tournament round. The use of electric carts or trolleys is prohibited by the player or his caddy during any official practice round or tournament round.;
    f) Caddies may not enter the clubhouse. A designated area for Caddies will be provided at the tournament venue.
    g) Any breach by a caddie of the Regulations will be deemed to be a breach by the member employing the caddie, and such a member will be fined accordingly.

Dress Code

  • a) Members are at all times subject to the dress code, as herein outlined, at a tournament venue at which an IGT Challenge Tour sanctioned tournament is being hosted.
    b) Members shall be neat in appearance, in both clothing and personal grooming, at all times.
    c) Players choosing to wear turtle neck golf shirts, are advised to consult the Tournament Director as to whether the length of the collar is acceptable.
    d) Players are required to dress according to the club’s dress code regulations. No T-Shirts may be worn. Players are required to be smartly attired at all times.


  • a) The regulations of the host club must be respected and obeyed at all times.
    b) A player is responsible for ensuring that a bunker is properly raked on conclusion of his shot. Should a member be found to be in breach of this regulation he will be fined R500.
    c) A player moving an advertising board, in terms of the IGT Challenge Tour’s Local Rules, and failing to return it securely and neatly to its original position will be held in breach of this regulation and will be fined R1000.

Prize Money

  • a) Players are competing for Prize Money on the IGT Tour. Tournament prize funds are based on field size and on additional sponsorship.
    b) Amateur can win up to a maximum of R6,000 in the form of a IGT electronic voucher. See point 19
    c) All winnings over R6000 by an amateur will be transferred to a fund. IGT will use this fund to invite amateur players to play in an IGT event for free. This will not be exclusive to the amateur who has won more than R6000. There will be a maximum of three invites per event.
    d) The IGT Challenge Tour will deduct a 2.5% (five percent) levy on all events from all payments made to players winning prize money or playing fees relating to a tournament sanctioned by the IGT Challenge Tour.
    e) The IGT Challenge Tour will deduct a 5% (five percent) levy on Sponsored events from all payments made to players winning prize money or playing fees relating to a tournament sanctioned by the IGT Challenge Tour.
    f) All prize money payments will be concluded once the prize money for the tournament in question has been paid over by the tournament sponsor or promoter to the IGT Challenge Tour. In general prize money payments are made no later than the first Wednesday following the tournament, or at the earliest opportunity thereafter.
    g) Prize money paid out will be as per the breakdown listed in IGT Challenge Tour Prize Money Breakdown section of these Regulations or as otherwise published on the tournament notice board. In general the prize money breakdowns listed in these Regulations will be used at each IGT Challenge Tour Order of Merit tournament
    h) In the event of the prize money total not being listed in these Regulations, the breakdown will then be calculated by applying the percentage breakdown to the applicable prize money. The prize money breakdown will be published before the commencement of the first round of the tournament.
    i) In the event of a tournament being curtailed, the percentage of prize money to be distributed shall be determined by the Tournament Director, in consultation with the tournament sponsor.
    j) The IGT Challenge Tour will not withhold tax due by the member to the South African Revenue Service (“SARS”) in accordance with the current tax legislation. The IGT Challenge Tour will withhold tax for Nonresidents at 25%.
    k) In the event of a tournament taking place outside the borders of South Africa, it is possible the prize money will be subject to a withholding tax at a fixed rate. This rate will be available once it has been ascertained.
    l) The prize money will be banked directly into members’ South African bank accounts after the tournament where a member has provided the IGT Challenge Tour with the required details in this regard. No cheques will be issued.
    m) Prize money won at an event that is not claimed within three years from the date of that event, will be forfeited.
    NOTE: Prize money won is normally paid directly into a player’s bank account after the event; however there are exceptional circumstances where prize money are used as credits or a player provides us with incomplete contact information and/or banking details. It must be noted the IGT Challenge Tour will make every effort to make contact with the player.

IGT Electronic Card for Amateurs

  • a) The IGT card offers you free debit transactions at any shop/store that accepts MasterCard.
    b) For the latest balance enquiries on your card go to or SMS* your 16-digit card number, without spaces to 34543.
    c) The card cannot be used for cash withdrawals at an ATM.

Distance Measuring Devices

  • a) A player may obtain distance information by using a laser device or Cell Phone app that measures distance only
    b) However, if, during a stipulated round, a player uses a distance-measuring device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (e.g., gradient, wind-speed, temperature, etc.), the player is in breach of Rule 14-3, for which the penalty is disqualification.

Mobile Telephones

  • a) A mobile phone may be used to call in rulings to the IGT Challenge Tour scoring desk. These telephone number will be listed on the score card. Any other use of a cell phone during the stipulated round will result in disciplinary action and possible DISQUALIFICATION. (Use is defined as the phone being on at any time during the competition)
    b) Cell phones must be off at all times except if been used for yardage only.

Pace of Play

  • A player or member who receives a total of three bad times under IGT Challenge Tour approved Pace of Play conditions, will incur a fine of R1,000 on receiving his third ‘bad time’ (unless this coincides with a fine or breach of the Pace of Play conditions). Each subsequent ‘bad time’ will incur a fine double that of the previous fine.
    Please refer to IGT Challenge Tour Pace of Place guidelines on our website.
    NOTE: In the administration of the Pace of Play Guidelines, a member of the Rules Committee shall not tolerate abuse, oral or otherwise, by a player. Such abuse constitutes conduct unbecoming a professional and is another fineable offense.

Official Score Recorders

  • Players and members must co-operate when asked for details of their scores by the official score recorders on the course. This includes the Nomads, television scorers and spotters and any other person appointed to record scores. Failure to provide satisfactorily the required detail on request will be considered a breach of this regulation and as such the player could be served with a fine.

Scoring Area

  • a) As players make the turn after 9 holes, must provide their scorecards to be recorded for scoreboard use, as well as get a drink and snack for the remainder of the round, if desired. After completion of the competitive round, the players are to bring their scorecards directly to the designated scoring area, verify their scores, sign scorecards, and turn them in to the scoring volunteers. Once the player has turned in his scorecard and left any boundary of the designated scoring area, the scorecard is considered official.
    b) The scoring area is limited to players making the turn or completing a round. Other players are not allowed to gather in the scoring area while play is in progress.

Conflicting Sunshine & Big Easy Tournaments

  • Sunshine and Big Easy Tour players are not allowed to play on an IGT Challenge Tour event when there is a Sunshine or Big Easy event in the same week. Week runs from Monday to Sunday. No exceptions will be made from The IGT Challenge Tour or the Sunshine Tour.

Player Message Board

  • The player message board will be located at the event. The Tour will place announcements pertinent to all players here, as well as Schedules of Events for upcoming tournaments.

Media and Public Relations

  • a) The favorable public reputations of the IGT Challenge Tour and its tournaments are valuable assets and create tangible benefits for all IGT Challenge Tour members. Accordingly, it is an obligation of membership for each member to refrain from making any statement or comment in any language, which is or may become public, whether via television, radio, newspaper, magazine, periodical, book, the internet (including social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook) or any other medium or means which the member knows, or ought reasonably to know, will or is likely to:
    (i) constitute an attack on, disparage, harm or be otherwise prejudicial to the reputation or interests of any tournament sponsor, promoter, fellow competitor, the IGT Challenge Tour (or any division of it), or any of its officials or the game of golf in general;
    (ii) be an unapproved disclosure of any confidential information of any tournament sponsor, promoter, fellow competitor, the IGT Challenge Tour (or any division of it), or any of its officials; or
    (iii) prejudice or implicate any fellow competitor in disciplinary or legal proceedings.
    For the avoidance of doubt, responsible expressions of legitimate disagreement with IGT Challenge Tour policies are not prohibited. Any contravention of this Regulation shall be a breach of the Code of Behaviour.
    b) To ensure maximum goodwill, it is essential that competitors make every effort to support all public relations and media activities which, among other things, include compliance with reasonable requests from the tournament Press Officer to attend a Press/Media Centre interview and to co-operate with the media immediately following the completion of a tournament round.

Code of Behavior

  • The Code of Behaviour set out herein is designed to help the management of the IGT Challenge Tour and its members to identify the conduct and ethics that are expected from the IGT Challenge Tour’s members and to set out the procedure to be followed where there may have been a breach of the same.
    a) General
    On becoming a member of the IGT Challenge Tour each person voluntarily submits himself to the standards of behaviour and ethical conduct beyond those required of ordinary golfers and members of the public. The IGT Challenge Tour has been the hallmark of honesty, fair dealings, courtesy and sportsmanship and each member is bound to honour and uphold that tradition at all times, whether on or off the golf course.
    It would be impossible to define exactly the standard of conduct expected from a member in all circumstances, or to list all acts which would amount to a breach of the Code of Behaviour and lead to disciplinary sanctions. In most cases common sense should tell the member the standard of behaviour that is required. Any member who has any doubts as to the conduct which is expected of him, should contact the IGT Challenge Tour’s offices or the Tournament Director for advice.
    b) Anti Doping Policy
    All players participating in IGT Challenge Tour sanctioned tournaments shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the IGT Challenge Tour Anti-Doping Programme.
  • Please refer to the IGT Players Regulation Handbook for detail.

Film, Media and Other Property Right

Marketing Rights

  • a) Subject to the assignment of the rights as contemplated in 25.1b, nothing in these Regulations or in any marketing related policies adopted by the IGT Challenge Tour from time to time shall be deemed to restrict any member’s individual marketing rights in relation to, inter alia, promotions, endorsements and licensing.
    b) No person is authorised to make any use, commercial or otherwise, of the IGT Challenge Tour name and/or any of its marks and/or logos without the prior written approval of the Tour Commissioner.

IGT Disclaimer

  • a) The IGT Challenge Tour is not responsible for any items lost, stolen or damaged at a host or secondary facility.
    b) Participants in The IGT Challenge Tour are responsible for any damage they cause to the golf course and/or property of the golf course.